Religious Life

Our principal aim is to provide the children with a sound Catholic, moral, social and academic education where all pupils strive to be the best they can be.

As a Catholic School we celebrate Masses and other services throughout the year. As part of the celebrations, on the Feast of St. Angela (the Founder of the Ursuline Order) and St. Ursula (its Patron) we have a whole-school celebration. We also recognise Ash Wednesday and the Juniors partake in an annual Reconciliation service.

All pupils take part in an Easter service, learning the true meaning and importance of the Easter story. They are encouraged to say the Rosary in May and October, and there is class prayer time.

At Christmas time our infant and early years’ children take part in a nativity play and the KS2 children celebrate the coming of Advent with a service in SS Peter and Paul’s Church.

As a school we are proud to maintain our links with SS Peter and Paul’s Church throughout the year.

Our assemblies share the message from the Gospel and our Liturgy reps support staff to deliver collective worship throughout the school year.