Our curriculum is predominately organised on a single subject basis within which there may be some topic based work links, and cross-curricular links are sought and encouraged where appropriate.

  • The predominant mode of working is whole class teaching although individual and group work is used where appropriate.
  • Groups may be of mixed or matched ability. Matched ability sets are used in mathematics in KS2.
  • There is specialist teaching throughout KS1 and KS2 in Spanish, Music, PE and in Swimming for Yrs. 3, 4, 5 & 6.

Core Subjects

  • Literacy and Mathematics is taught daily in sessions of 50 minutes to one hour
  • 10% of teaching time is devoted to R.E.
  • Science is taught for at least 2 hours weekly.
  • ICT is taught for at least 45 minutes weekly (to support other curricular areas wherever possible).

Foundation Subjects

  • History and Geography is taught weekly for at least 18 weeks annually.
  • P.E. is taught in two sessions weekly (1 hour 40 minutes weekly).
  • Music is taught weekly, as a class lesson (30 minutes) and as a Key Stage lesson (25 minutes).
  • Spanish is taught weekly to all classes.
  • Art and Design Technology will be taught to all classes on a Half termly basis.


In the nursery and reception classes the EYFS curriculum is followed as a foundation and also children's interests are followed and developed. On a daily basis, the programme is reviewed so that the children are stretched. There is a balance of small group activities and one to one adult focus activities, following the principles of child initiated play and the free flow system.