Welcome to Year 2

In Year 2, we continue to build on the strong foundations the children have gained during their time in EYFS, Infants and Year 1. We do this through a positive approach in every aspect of a child’s development both academically and socially. We complete many group activities which encourages peer tutoring while also creating many opportunities for independent work in preparation for the move to Key Stage 2. It is important that at this level the children begin to gain autonomy of their work through self-editing activities and for the first time writing down their own homework each week.

We enhance children’s learning experiences through various activities such as creating role play scenarios, mini competitions, poetry writing and song singing (which help children remember helpful facts!).

In addition, we aim to partake in outside of school learning experiences. This year we went to Redbridge Museum and Library where the class got to explore the library and hear a story about Remembrance Day.

MTP Year 2 Summer